Live Filled with the Holy Spirit

Pastor Todd Cosenza

We can have poverty patterns in the natural as well as in the Spirit. Many Christians don’t live filled. Listen and learn from the Word of God on how to live in spiritual prosperity, which is His will for you.

Pursue the Person Not the Power

Pastor Todd Cosenza

God will never separate the power of the Holy Spirit from the person of the Holy Spirit. If you want to walk in the power of the Spirit you have to pursue the person of the Holy Spirit.

Faith, Trust and Rest

Guest Speaker: Aida Garcia

Are you hungry? Continually feeding on God’s Word will cause us to be rooted and grounded in His love. And when His perfect love becomes a revelation to us personally, not just head knowledge, then our Faith will be established and we will find we can Trust in Him and find Rest in Him because His Word will never return void!

What About Israel?

Pastor Todd Cosenza

Listen in to hear why an attack on Israel, and the Jewish people, is an attack on all believers in Jesus Christ

Do Not Grieve The Holy Spirit

By Pastor Todd Cosenza

Holy Spirit came to manifest God’s love in us and through us. Church be alert; we can’t have 2 “hearts”, one filled with love and the other with anger. A couple of drops of bitterness will poison the well of the whole heart. It’s about love; don’t poison the well.

Why Miracles Are Important Today

Pastor Todd Cosenza

Do you want to till the soil so miracles can grow? Do you desire to build a culture of faith and expectation for miracles? Then listen in as Pastor Todd unpacks, from the Word of God, how to till the soil for miracles