Let’s Get Fired Up

Guest Speaker: Karen Fannin

We need to tap into everything God has for us. Praying in the Spirit bypasses the natural. Listen in as guest speaker Karen Fannin teaches on the 4 Benefits of Praying in the Spirit.

Close the Loop

Pastor Todd Cosenza

In the spirit there has to be a closed loop; the power does not come if the loop is open. Listen in to hear how to “Close the Loop”.


Pastor Todd Cosenza

There are mountains we need to speak too and other mountains that we need to place our feet upon and climb. Listen in as Pastor Todd teaches on Psalm 121.

What Keeps the Church Weak

Pastor Todd Cosenza

The world needs to see the Church walking in the Lord’s strength. Strength comes when we allow the Lord Jesus to uproot weakness in our lives. Listen in to hear Pastor Todd talk about two syndromes that make the Church weak.

Cooperating with God’s Cleansing

Pastor Todd Cosenza

God works from a position of purity and holiness and from this flows power and grace. In history, prior to every great movement of God, there is first a movement of cleansing. God is going to do a great cleansing among his people.

Grace to Live, Grace to Give

Guest Speaker: Joe Helfen

Grace, unmerited favor and love. Let us drink from His living water and be refreshed. Listen in as guest speaker Joe Helfen unpacks the abundant provision of grace.