Do Not Forfeit Your Spiritual Birthright!

By Pastor Todd Cosenza

Each of us has a spiritual birthright. No one can have their birthright stolen. The danger is, we can relinquish it, or be talked out of it. Listen in as we take a look at the life of Esau. We will not forfeit our spiritual birthright!

What We Need When We are Waiting on God.

By Pastor Todd Cosenza

Revelation, Commitment, and Understanding. Listen to Pastor Todd as he shows us how we need these 3 things as we are waiting on the Lord.

The Truth About American Freedom

By Pastor Todd Cosenza

Today’s goal is: For us to be grateful for what we have, and mindful of where we are going. Listen in as Pastor Todd speaks about: “The Truth About American Freedom”.

The LORD is My Shepherd

Guest Speaker: Kevin Abraham

The LORD is our Shepherd 24 hours/ 7 days a week, in every season, in every area of our life. Shepherd and sheep – It is a personal relationship. Listen in as our guest speaker Kevin Abraham unpacks this for us.

We Must Not Become a Sippy Cup Church!

By Todd Cosenza

God expects spiritual growth in His children. Solid Food is for the mature ( Hebrews 5:13). There is no such thing as passive spiritual growth. We have to want it. How high do you want to go with Him? Listen in and learn the Three Measures of Spiritual Maturity.

The Church Must Not Neglect Its Anointing.

By Pastor Todd Cosenza

There is a corporate anointing upon the Church that God has given us to fight battles and take hold of the victories. Listen to this sermon to find out the three things the anointing gives the Church and how to walk in that anointing.