Dear Church Family

Dear Church Family

First of all, we miss you! We miss seeing you in person. Thankfully, we will be coming together again soon. As lockdown restrictions are being lifted by the Governor of Indiana, the Senior Leaders and I want to communicate our plan for relaunching services at Hope Church.


Stage 4 of the Governor’s plan allows for gatherings of up to 250 people starting on Sunday June 14th. Services will still start at 10 AM with setup and worship practice at 8AM and 8:30AM respectively. There will also be prayer at 9:00 AM for those who want to come. There are several Sunday morning activities that will not resume until Stage 5 of the Governor’s plan, which starts July 5th:

  • The Hope Café will be closed.
  • There will be no nursery or Children’s Ministries.
  • We will not provide paper announcements.
  • We will suspend the mid-service “meet and greet.”

We will practice social distancing according to CDC guidelines which require keeping 6 feet between non-family members. Please refrain from hugging people and shaking hands for now. Face coverings are optional and you must supply your own if needed, but we are planning on having hand sanitizer available for everyone. 

Racks of chairs will be placed in the gym prior to 10AM. We are asking families to remove their own chairs from the racks and place them in groups together in the gym, at least 6 feet from other non-family members. At the end of the service, please place your family’s chairs back on the racks. For those who are physically unable to remove a chair from the rack, a set-up volunteer will help. 

Offering baskets will be placed on tables in the gym. 


We know that having the kids in the service may seem taxing for parents, but please don’t stay home because of that. We will shorten the services and make them as kid-friendly as possible until our Children’s Ministry resumes. Remember, our goal is not to keep our kids “quiet,” but to disciple them to know and love Jesus. By your presence in our services and your example during worship and the Word, you are leading your children towards an encounter with the Lord. Don’t let their noise prevent you from prioritizing your pursuit of God.


We will be sharing some exciting news about changes being made at Hope Church. God is pressing us toward some important new things, so we look forward to sharing that with you.

Finally, our confidence and security does not come from our policies and practices, but from our Lord Jesus who is the Great Shepherd of his people. His name is above every sickness, disease and virus on the earth today. Please know we love each and every one of you and are praying for you. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we’ll see you on the 14th!

Every blessing,

Todd, Susan and the Senior Leadership Team of Hope Church