Hope Church is part of a family of regional churches called Lifelink Chicago.  Those churches are Living Word Church in Lansing, Illinois, CrossPoint Church in Crown Point, Indiana and Mercy Hill Church in Munster, Indiana.  ​

Global Networks

The Lifelink Chicago churches are connected to a number of other churches and ministries in the US, the UK and throughout the world in a network of churches called LifeLink International. We are a group of charismatic Christian churches who share the common vision and purpose of wanting to see the Kingdom of God fully established across the world. Each church associated with LifeLink is unique and has its own character and mission. Each share a passion for Jesus, devotion to the Kingdom of God and compassion for the world.

LifeLink International itself is part of Global Horizons, which is a UK based global charity network.  Global Horizons includes churches, colleges, training centers and humanitarian partnerships across the world.  We encourage you to check out the website and read about the values, vision and reach of Global Horizons.


Hope Church and the Lifelink family of churches recognize that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We actively support missions, missionaries, pastors and ministries on nearly every continent on earth.  From South America, to Africa, to India and Asia, our family of churches seek to minister to people everywhere and to create global ministry relationships that serve the purposes of the Kingdom of God beyond our shores.