Core Values

These values help express who we are and the culture we are creating at Hope Church.  Each one is motivated and sustained by love:

1.    Presence
God Himself is our first priority, and our primary desire is to host His presence.  As a family of believers we are devoted to worshipping Him with extravagant love, joy and gratitude.  Cultivating intimacy with God is our greatest delight and we are changed as we respond to His love.

2.    Truth
We believe that God’s Word (the Bible) is truth for all people and is totally relevant for our daily lives.  It is alive and full of power, able to convict, strengthen and give hope to everyone.   We will faithfully teach and receive the truth of God’s Word, allowing it to renew our hearts and minds.

3.    Transformation
Jesus came, died and rose again to redeem His lost creation and to restore our lives to God.  This redeeming, transforming message of the Gospel is central to our mission, and it is our joyful responsibility to proclaim the reality of God’s love and power to people who are far from Him.

4.    Freedom
Through salvation in Jesus we have freedom from every power of the devil whether it involves sin, sickness, or oppression of any kind.  We contend for and maintain that freedom through hearing biblical instruction, practicing holy living and by praying for one another.

5.    Empowerment
Every believer is a supernatural minister of the Gospel whom signs and wonders should follow.  We will take advantage of all appropriate resources to equip individuals to carry on the works of Jesus and to live in the power of His kingdom.

6.    Family
God has called us to be a vibrant family of believers who walk together with honesty and transparency through every season of life. As we love one another, our testimony of Jesus will be evident in the world and will cause people to be attracted to Him.

7.    Honor
We humbly honor one another as well as those who are in authority through maintaining relationships filled with love, integrity and grace.  Every person has an important place within the Body of Christ and has a special destiny planned by Him.  We therefore foster a culture of encouragement, where people are strengthened toward their God-given callings in life.

8.    Listening
The Scriptures teach not only that we speak to God (prayer), but also that He speaks to us (prophecy).  It is vitally important that we take the time to hear what God is saying in order to understand His plan and to participate in what He is doing.  As a community, we will cultivate an environment of prophetic integrity, allowing God to release strength, encouragement and comfort through us.